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Will this work, part 3 – As the sock turns

Last time I talked about socks, I had discovered that my tiny little ring of knitting actually was big enough to stretch over my heel. So far so good. But next, I had to blindly trust the pattern directions to lead me through a series of meaningless socky technical terms.

The heel flap, for instance. Have you ever heard anybody talk about heel flaps? I haven’t. What in the world does it mean?

SockHeelFlapIt turns out that a heel flap is a rectangular strip of knitting flopping down from the back of the leg (which you’ve already finished knitting by this time). You put half the leg stitches on a holder shaped like a giant safety pin, and knit back and forth on the remaining stitches until it’s long enough to cover your Achilles tendon. Yay! One heel flap done.

After that, you need to “turn” the heel ninety degrees so the sock can continue out to the end of your toes. But how?

ShortrowsIt’s all in the short rows. You knit a little more than halfway across the heel flap – remember the heel flap? – then turn around and purl a little past the halfway point in the other direction. You keep knitting (or purling) partway across the heel flap, going a little farther each time and knitting a pair of stitches together as you come to the end of each row, until you make it to the very end of the heel flap again.

SockHeelTurnAnd this is what you wind up with. It really does make a right angle turn for the back of your heel to nestle into. Amazing.

Now I need to deal with the “gusset”. After that, the project looks like pretty smooth sailing out to near the end of your foot. Then it’s time to do some more decreases to close up the toe end, and finally sew the last few stitches shut – and, at that point, theory says that you should have a brand new sock to wear 😉

We’ll see.

And this is an experiment.

Right now, the weather forecasts are threatening The End Of The World As We Know It, or at least the biggest baddest storm ever – “Frankenstorm” seems to be the favored name. (Our weather forecasters love drama.)

Some say it’s going to make landfall in Delaware and proceed up the Delaware Bay; some say it’s going to hit near Atlantic City and grind westward across New Jersey; a few are holding out for a direct hit on New York City; I don’t think I’ve heard any predictions today that were still threatening Boston.

Anyway, the consensus around here (but see drama, above) seems to be that the hurricane of the week will either follow the Delaware River or head overland through New Jersey – either way, they tell us it’s going to make a direct hit on Philadelphia. Philly’s only a few miles away. We’re being told to expect to be without electricity for at least a couple of days early next week.

So, just in case, I’m going to see if I can figure out how to create a post and have it publish on a designated day, later than when I click the “Publish” button. Right now it’s late evening on Friday the 26th. I’m going to tell this one to wait until Saturday to become generally available. And we’ll see if it works.

(Aha! Now that I set the “Publish” options to “Schedule for 10-Oct 27, 2012”, that familiar button caption has changed from “Publish” to Schedule”. I think I’ve got it. But we’ll see. Okay….clicking “Schedule” now………)

Note: And this is a successful experiment. I set this to post at 8:57 Saturday morning. It’s now 8:59. I just finished answering a comment on the previous post; when I scrolled up to the top to check, there it was – the nice new link pointing to this entry.