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Traveling to Pink (Travel Theme, March 21 2014)

I went looking for photos of “pink” to illustrate this week’s travel theme from Ailsa. You’d think I would have plenty of local pink pictures – we normally have lots of pink spring flowers here. But the first really good image of pink I found, after searching for quite a while, comes from almost a third of the way around the world.

PinkFlowersKrkaFallsCroatiaJune2010I don’t know what these flowers are. All I can tell you is that I found them at Krka Falls in Croatia, and that they’re extremely pink.

Weekly Writing Challenge: Five Days of Haiku

Haiku number 3, for this week’s WordPress Writing Challenge. The goal is to write five between Monday, November 25, and Friday.

Since this is Thanksgiving week here in the U.S., I’m probably going to focus on things to be thankful for – after a fashion.


Trees, black-brown frameworks.
Flowers, taken by frost. Thanks
For bright clothes, warm homes.

How to solve a problem

I wouldn’t put my pocketbook in a dark corner like this where
it can blend in and be invisible, would I? It must hide on purpose. Right?

My pocketbook sneaked away and hid. It does things like that. And it’s really inconvenient and annoying when I need to get myself out the front door, but I can’t go without my pocketbook that has all my essential stuff in it, and I can’t go with my pocketbook, because it’s hiding again.

Well, I have a plan. It’s easy to hide when you’re a plain black pocketbook. But what if it was hot pink?




It wouldn’t be so easy to get away with things then!



Maybe a few neon green dots would help, too.

And how about blinking lights? Lots of little blinking lights all over. Oh, and why not a siren?

Okay. It might be just a little tiny bit ugly, but that’ll fix the lost pocketbook problem. So there.


Stone 21, thirtieth day

Year of the Dragon

A thud that shakes the world, jars ribs, and jolts
against your spine. The night sky blossoms, white
against blue-black, cascading diamond streams.
Another jolt; chrysanthemum of yellow fire.
Pink sunbursts; unexpected flecks of white
so bright it burns your eyes. The fiery noise,
the earthbound smoke, surprise upon surprise.
I want to be like fireworks.

Sometimes, you just have to go with weird

I’m getting antsy for spring – the truth is, I’ve been antsy for spring ever since November. But Outdoors isn’t cooperating yet, so I keep wondering if it’s too early to try starting tomato seeds. (Yes. Definitely too early.)

Well, if I can’t coo over how cute they are as they sprout, I can at least look at seed packages, right? Of course I can. And that’s how I got trapped.

The label says they’re tomatillo seeds, some sort of second cousin to tomatoes, just what you need for a little homemade salsa verde. And ‘verde’ is the word for it – every tomatillo I’ve ever met was bright grass green, greener than grass really is unless there’s been a LOT of rain.

But not these guys. If you can believe the package, they’re going to be purple. Yes. Purpler than a plum or a blueberry.  Salsa – purpura? What would that taste like?

Maybe I’ll find out.

Stone 6, fifteenth day

Studying the Stash

There’s so much yarn. And oh I love it all.
Maroon and red, hotpink rosepink palepink
and browns, in darkbrown redbrown cream and beige
and greens and blues and grays and white and black
and orange yellow purple lavender.
I want to knit so many dreams or socks
or sweaters hats or dreams. And if I had
just ten more arms, six knitting pairs, enough
to make a spider jealous – soon I’d buy more yarn.