The eighth day of Christmas…

…is unusual this year. Not because it’s also New Years’ Day – New Years’ Day is always exactly a week after Christmas.

2016christmasaltarNo, what’s out of the ordinary is that this is one of the times that Christmas and New Years’ fall on a Sunday – something that only happens every six years…or every five years…or every eleven years. (Of course, they both fall on a Monday, or any other day of the week, at similar intervals.)

4 responses to “The eighth day of Christmas…

  1. … mysteries of the calendar …⏳⌛️⏳

    • If we could just tidy things up a little so that the earth orbits the sun in an even, consistent number of days. Oh, and make the moon’s phases divide evenly into the length of a year, too. That would be a start toward a nice orderly solar system, at least.

  2. It’s been an odd Christmas…

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