Cloudy and at sea

PacificCoast2007That’s kind of how things have been here for the last several weeks.

Well, my father in law’s funeral is over now, and the out-of-state relative we’ve been hosting has gone home. Time to start getting things done again. How  have all of you been lately?

5 responses to “Cloudy and at sea

  1. Sorry to hear about your f-i-l, Sharon. I’m sure it will feel good to get on with your life now. I’ve been working two long days a week, doing my blog, working around the house, etc. Nothing exciting, but good.


    • Thank you. We’ve been braced for this, but it’s still a jolt when it happens.

      As for being exciting – life doesn’t have to be cutting edge. If it suits you, that’s what matters.

  2. It is that time is our lives when these things need to be passed through, but we get through them one day at a time.

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