Friday Fictioneers – Safety

Just a touch of horror here – maybe zombies, or maybe fantasies running wild. It’s your decision…

Anyway, please let me know what you think of my story. It’s just 100 words long, and inspired by the photo below. Want more? Visit Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ site and you’ll find all sorts of tiny stories, all starting from this picture –


Nowadays people believe in good solid walls, solid enough to hold the monsters – the infected ones who used to be people – outside where they belong. Safety first, especially when you have kids.

But walls wear out. Sometimes you have to work extra for money to fix them. Megan hurried downstairs, finished at last, and found little Hannah peeking through one of the rusted-out holes. She grabbed the child. Hannah struggled to get back to her peephole.

“Want to see!” Were the eyes and the tiny voice changing already? Megan’s heart broke. She knew she could never trust her daughter again.

12 responses to “Friday Fictioneers – Safety

  1. Dark side of the oxide ?

  2. This is very spooky, and a frightening thought. Poor kid, mum must feel horrible. Great story.

    • Thank you – I’m glad you were scared. (And it feels very strange to type a sentence like that.) (But it’s what I was trying to do, so I must have succeeded. Yay me!)

      Whatever’s going on in their world, it’s a terrible place to live. 😦

  3. Oh yes, definitely scary, seeing some sort of outbreak like this through the eyes of a parent worried for her child. Shiver!

  4. Oh no! Hannah has been infected! So sad.

    • We don’t really know whether she’s infected or not – her mother is so terrified of the outside world that she assumes just looking out briefly will lead to infection, but we don’t know whether or not that’s true.

      Part of the horror I was trying for in this story is that we don’t know if their world is as dangerous as Megan thinks it is or not.

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