Travel Theme – Grey. Gray. Whatever.

And welcome to the delights of English spelling; it’s not enough that it has very little to do with the way words sound, it has to vary from place to place just to confuse us further. Anyway, Ailsa of Where’s My Backpack, She Who Invents Travel Themes, is from Ireland, so she spells this week’s theme “grey”. But I was taught to write “gray”, so I will.

As colors go, gray has a bad reputation, and this first picture shows why.

GrayWorkersHousesBatstoThese are houses for iron workers and glass makers at Batsto Village in New Jersey. When they were newly built, I suppose the unpainted wood was various shades of light brown. Not any more. They’re gray now.

GrayVenetianBaroqueOn the other hand, this building in Venice is much too exuberantly baroque to look even a little bit depressed, no matter how gray it is.

GrayModernCenterCityMoving forward a few centuries, there’s the architecture in Center City Philadelphia – if these office buildings didn’t have so many windows that insist on reflecting the blue sky, they’d all be thoroughly gray.

GrayIndependenceHallChandelierThe meeting room in Independence Hall (Philadelphia, too) is painted gray and cream.

And then there’s artistic gray –

GrayImpressionistLadyA lady from an Impressionist painting, turned three-dimensional to visit a sculpture garden…

GrayAbstractStoneGray stone, cut into two parts that seem to be trying to rejoin…

GrayAbstractMetalAnd gleaming gray metal.

So many grays, all so different.

9 responses to “Travel Theme – Grey. Gray. Whatever.

  1. Our house is painted grey ( 😉 ) Apparently in a street of red brick it is quite a landmark. That didn’t occur to me until we were told, lol.

  2. the English spell it grey and the Americans (who cannot spell for toffee :D) spell if gray means the same, – a shade between black and white. Good to see you back.

  3. I rather like the weathered wood – I suppose I have pleasant associations with it, like driftwood and my 30-year-old garden bench with its superlative crop of lichens reminding me how lucky I am to live in clean air.

    • Some of my lack of enthusiasm for those houses comes from going inside and getting a sense of what they were like to live in – hot (in summer) and crowded with large families in a few small rooms. Probably cold and drafty in winter, too.

      None of which can be blamed on the color of the wood, I admit.

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