Warming Up

I’ve been suffering from a bout of brain freeze lately, for reasons I’ll go into when I can figure out how to make them interesting. Meanwhile, the weather is getting cold. Really cold. Miserably, dangerously, frostbite and hypothermia cold.

So let’s relax with a few pictures of people enjoying the summer of 2010.

WindsurfingMykonosWindsurfing off Mykonos (Greece)

RuinsOfEphesusExploring the ruins of Ephesus (Turkey)

DriftingAtKrkaFallsDrifting at Krka Falls (Croatia)

Ahh, that feels better.

5 responses to “Warming Up

  1. I feel warmer now. 🙂 We keep hearing about this big storm that’s supposed to come through tonight…then mention 2-4″. That’s a really big storm? Not for someone who used to live in the snow belt on Cleveland’s east side!! While it’s snowing heavily, it can be dangerous/difficult to drive, but please. Let’s save the “big” rhetoric for real storms.

    Hope you’re feeling better and clearer-headed soon, Sharon.


  2. Yes but all that sitting around in the sun is not getting that house cleared 😀

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