Just Saying

(Occasional expert advice on how to be thoroughly disorganized.)

Are you doing laundry today? Do you expect to do laundry some time in your life? Here’s why the truly disorganized person should never check pants pockets:

Because it’s so much fun to find scraps of Kleenex stuck all over everything.

Because it’s even more fun finding that a cough drop (the one that was in the same pocket as that Kleenex) has unwrapped itself and glued itself to a sock.

Two guesses how I know this. Come on, nobody needs three.

8 responses to “Just Saying

  1. 🙂 Have done the Kleenex thing. Will try to avoid the cough drop thing.


  2. We’ve all done it, its a rite of passage!

  3. or that the chap stick tube is now empty! and many years ago my mum once washed my dad’s wage – is that laundering money? 😀

    • Well, I always think of it as money laundering when I discover a wet dollar bill! Fortunately, money seems to come out of the washing machine with no harm done.

      • Be thankful – one of my nearest and dearest sent his passport through the wash in his trouser pocket. Must have been the most expensive laundry we’ve ever done.

      • Wow! I’ve escaped sending any sort of id’s through the wash so far – I believe one of us laundered a memory chip for a digital camera a few years ago, but that’s not just cheaper than a passport, but much less bother to replace

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