Wordless Wednesday – November 26, 2014


3 responses to “Wordless Wednesday – November 26, 2014

  1. Are wind turbines tolerated or disliked over there?

    • Opinions seem to be mixed – on one hand, people keep trying to build them off the New Jersey shore, and our state government won’t approve the project; also, some people are concerned that the turbines will kill birds.

      On the other hand, while we were driving across the middle of the country on vacation last summer we saw a LOT of them – this picture was taken somewhere in Indiana, but they seemed to be everywhere. And, of course, there’s the argument that wind turbines are a good thing because they’re a cleaner energy source than coal, oil, or nuclear reactors.

      Are they well thought of in England, or disliked?

      • Generally people aren’t keen but they are tolerated and I guess we just get used to it. The land they get out on is often the most lovely countryside, but I think it could be far worse..

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