WordPress is asking for photos illustrating “angular” – so here goes. Hold tight – there are corners ahead.

Some things are artistically angular –

while others have both aesthetic and practical reasons for their angles.

-And then there’s the ultimate in practical angularity –

AngularSailthe rigging on a sailboat makes a pleasing design, but every one of those lines is there because it’s needed to control the boat.

4 responses to “Angularities

  1. I like the artistically angular best, maybe because the photos highlight really unusual yet beautiful angles. Thanks for sharing and here’s my take (enjoy!!!):

    • Thank you, Gale! I guess it makes sense for the “artistically angular” photos to be the most unusual, since they don’t have to be functional at all. (That gray…thing…doesn’t even have to balance itself – it just sprawls on the ground.)

      I love your photos of Barcelona!

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