Just a minute

UPSwampWhat about the routine things – all that stuff you do every day or every week? Do you know how long it takes? Because I don’t think I do.

It’s not easy – forget that, it’s not possible – to plan what you’re going to do in the next week when you have no idea how much of the week is already claimed. Can you count on three hours a day to spend on your “extra” project? Half an hour? Six hours? Who knows?

So this morning, I made a list of what I ought to do today and included the “everydays” in the list. Then I estimated how long each item on the list would take and wrote that down too. And finally, as the day goes along, I’ve been writing down how much time I really spent on them.

It’s been interesting. Things I do all the time, things I ought to have a feel for, take anywhere from twice as many minutes as I expected to only a quarter as many. I thought I was bad at estimating time – now I know I am.

I think I’d better go on making time lists until I can get this estimating stuff right.

5 responses to “Just a minute

  1. Sadly there seems to be an awful lot of necessary everyday things to do, dull things!

  2. It is all about living in the moment – so you throw all your lists out and your planners and your calenders and your time sheets and just do what is next, but you have to keep doing the thing you are doing until it is complete, no coming back to it.

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