Daily Archives: October 6, 2014

Just a minute

UPSwampWhat about the routine things – all that stuff you do every day or every week? Do you know how long it takes? Because I don’t think I do.

It’s not easy – forget that, it’s not possible – to plan what you’re going to do in the next week when you have no idea how much of the week is already claimed. Can you count on three hours a day to spend on your “extra” project? Half an hour? Six hours? Who knows?

So this morning, I made a list of what I ought to do today and included the “everydays” in the list. Then I estimated how long each item on the list would take and wrote that down too. And finally, as the day goes along, I’ve been writing down how much time I really spent on them.

It’s been interesting. Things I do all the time, things I ought to have a feel for, take anywhere from twice as many minutes as I expected to only a quarter as many. I thought I was bad at estimating time – now I know I am.

I think I’d better go on making time lists until I can get this estimating stuff right.