Wrapping paper

My mother was very thrifty. She told me so. It’s not surprising – after all, she was a teenager during the Great Depression, old enough to notice how hard money was to get hold of back then.

There were all sorts of little tricks she used to make money go farther. For instance, on Christmas and birthdays, after the presents were opened, she always carefully smoothed out the wrapping paper, folded it neatly, and put it away for next year. After all, as she often said, it was still perfectly good.

When I grew up, I knew that I should save wrapping paper too – but, being really bad at being organized, I could never find last year’s paper when it was time to use it again. So after a couple of years of failure, I just threw the paper out right away and felt guilty. I wasn’t thrifty.

Well, my husband and I have spent a lot of time since last winter emptying my mom’s house. Last month, when we cleared out the attic, we found lots of small boxes that turned out to be full of – guess what – year after year of carefully folded, never reused, wrapping paper.

UPSwampYou know what? It’s not thrift to keep something for decades, but buy replacements every year instead of using what you saved. I think I’m allowed to throw things out after all.

5 responses to “Wrapping paper

  1. I bet you felt really guilty just throwing it out. This year you can do it and be totally guilt free! Yay!

  2. I keep telling my mother the same thing and i have told her that this year i am not wrapping anything up and then she doesn’t have to keep it for just-in!

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