Photo Challenge – Signs

And today, we return to the WordPress Photo Challenge with a sign. And a horse, who might just be laughing.

SignEquineActivitiesYou say the sign is phrased a little strangely? True. I believe the point is something like “If you arrange to ride this horse and fall off, or get bitten, or stepped on, or experience any other equine activity that you don’t enjoy, don’t even think about suing us!” Anyway, it amuses me that the sign is about half as tall as the horse – whoever put it up wants to be sure you don’t miss it.

7 responses to “Photo Challenge – Signs

  1. Perhaps his farm is that of a gentleman farmer who used to be a lawyer!

    • I like that! It’s funnier than reality. (Actually, the sign, and the horse, are part of a touristy more-or-less early nineteenth century reconstructed village. Which is how I happened to see it – we were being tourists in western Pennsylvania.)

  2. Ahh that explains it! Its a very pretty horse πŸ™‚

  3. Me and horses have never been that close, but i think he may be reading the sign to anyone who cares to take him on πŸ™‚

    • Could be! The next picture I took only shows about a quarter of the sign, so I couldn’t use it here, but in that shot the horse has turned his head so he’s looking at the sign. And I never saw a horse look so cynical before or since.

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