Daily Archives: October 1, 2014

Thirty-one days of organizing the chaos

I am not an organized person.

I have never been an organized person. And when I start thinking about what I should change to become organized, my brain starts chasing after so many different plans and setting up so many goals it’s a wonder it doesn’t make my head spin around in several directions at once. Trying to make a nice simple straight-line plan between “Me Right Now” and “Me Living an Organized Life” makes me dizzy.

So I should be in no danger whatsoever of running out of material to write about if I spend the next month testing ways of becoming more organized. Right?

UPSwampThere. That was easy.

I don’t think it will stay easy.

(This is my first post in an October series for Write31Days – basically, pick a topic and post something about it every day in the coming month. Thanks to Beverley at My Wonky Life for making me aware of it!)


Wordless Wednesday, October 1 (Wait. October already? When did that happen?)