Solar powered cat

Earlier this morning, one of the local cats – a large gray and black tabby tom with a white face and white bib – was sitting in a patch of sun in our back yard, facing east, with his eyes closed and his face turned blissfully up to the light. Recharging his batteries?

Over the next hour, he melted into a cat puddle, curled up and napping in that wonderful warmth – a splotch of gray and black and white against green grass and a few fallen oak leaves. But everything changes, alas – the world turned and left him in shade, so he woke up and wandered away grumbling.

5 responses to “Solar powered cat

  1. A lovely little interlude Sharon 🙂

  2. I have a marmalade striped cat named Jasper and every so often he brings his buddies home for breakfast. They are the ginger tom club and i am sure they have all been up to no good all night long.

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