Saturday House Clearing Haiku

Boxes keep falling
On my head, coming apart
Down the attic stairs…

Or, how to end up covered by old clothes and scraps of box. Corrugated cardboard doesn’t last forever, alas.

9 responses to “Saturday House Clearing Haiku

  1. Ooops, it will be worth it in the end!

  2. I really must get on a get rid. I have told my mother she needs to leave me all her photos and there are many but that what means the most to me.

  3. Ah, I know those attic days … decomposing cardboard is marginally less unpleasant than those horrible plastic bags which break down into a million embrittled fragments, I find.
    Well done on getting up there!

    • How right you are about plastic bags – I think some of the ones I’ve encountered this summer may have broken down into individual molecules as I tried to scoop up the pieces. The disintegrating cardboard box was more disconcerting than anything else; my husband was trying to pass it down to me when it came apart in his hands.

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