Flowers, and names

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere’s a picture of Queen Anne’s Lace and bluetop.

Or is it a picture of wild carrot (if you manage to break those tough, wiry flower stems, they do smell a bit like carrots) and wild aster? I grew up using the first pair of names, but I know some people prefer the others. Then there’s the question of how many other languages have their own names for these flowers…

The world is so full of a number of things, and even fuller of names. Luckily, the wildflowers don’t seem to care.

7 responses to “Flowers, and names

  1. Yep, whatever you call them they’re lovely!

  2. I don’t know the names of many of the flowers I see but it doesn’t lessen my enjoyment of their beauty. It’s unfortunate that some beautiful things are pests to many. (Some people, too.) 🙂


    • Yes – there are a lot of wildflowers I can’t identify, but they’re still gorgeous.

      And when it comes to people, I’d say being beautiful is very useful if you want to get away with being a pest. Come to think of it, that’s true of flowers too. Would purple loosestrife have been allowed – at one time, encouraged – to spread as widely as it has, choking out other plants, if it were ugly? (I have to admit, I still like to look at it.)

  3. very pretty – not sure i have seen the blue one in the uk at all

    • And I can’t tell you much more about it 😦 – I tried to look it up on the Internet, and couldn’t find any information at all. But in this part of the world, they seem to pop up everywhere along country roads and in pastures.

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