Moose and Others

20140708NewberryMooseCapitolWe just got back from a nice long seventeen-day vacation that started in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, based in Newberry – “Moose Capitol of Michigan”. Our most unexpected animal encounter was a little different, though.

There we were, driving through the woods, when a large glossy black critter wandered out of the trees. My first thought was “It’s sort of shaped like a cat, but it’s awful big. NOT a housecat…” Then, “Wait, a cat should have a long thin tail. No tail here. At least not one long enough to notice.” And, “Cats aren’t that big-boned, either.”

And finally, “BEAR!!”

Fortunately, the bear was a lot more blase about the encounter than I was. It just ambled across the highway in front of us without even swinging its head in our direction. Unfortunately, I was so amazed that I couldn’t get my camera up to try for a photo before the bear was back in the trees.

I did get a picture of a moose, though. As you can see, it seems to be a bit shy, but even so it spent a lot of time hanging out in front of our hotel.



8 responses to “Moose and Others

  1. That’s a BIG moose, Sharon. 🙂 Hope the vacation was wonderful.


  2. Wow a bear! I’d be the same, never having the camera to hand when I most want it!

  3. A bear. Wow. Lucky you in more ways than the obvious.

  4. you saw a bear, that’s amazing

    • Yes, it was!

      (Actually, I hope it’s the only bear I see for a long long time, unless I go to a zoo. There have been reports recently of young bears looking for territories of their own wandering into suburbs not very far from where I live – that’s scary!)

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