Wordless Wednesday – July 23, 2014



12 responses to “Wordless Wednesday – July 23, 2014

  1. Nice and cool on an evening when I’m boiling!

  2. Must have been a wonderful thing to see.

    • Yes, the scenery was breathtaking (and undoubtedly still is – I took that picture only eight days ago), especially for someone like me who lives in the flatlands.

  3. so that’s where you’ve been! Climbing Everest 😉

      • Sir George Everest was Welsh. History says he was an unassuming man who would have thought naming a mountain after him was the worse thing anyone could do to him, in fact he objected outright but was out voted by the Royal Geographical Society and i would love to go and see his mountain, even if i didn’t get the chance to climb it.

    • That’s very interesting about Sir George Everest – I didn’t know all that about him. Thanks!

      But I think I misled you without meaning to (sorry!) – that’s not Mount Everest. It’s in Glacier Park on the border between the US and Canada.

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