Friday Fictioneers: Nothing Like It

Friday Fictioneers time again…be sure to follow the link to read other interpretations of the photo and offer your own hundred-word story!

copyright_bw_beachamNothing Like It

There’s nothing in the world makes you feel free like a boat. Out there on the water, no roads, no speed limits, just use your common sense and don’t plow into the side of an oil tanker, because any fool knows it can’t change course fast enough to get out of your way.

So there I am, nice sunny day, motor cranked up, bow tilted up to the sky, next thing to flying. Nobody told me the tide was going out.

Nothing makes you feel trapped like sitting stuck in a mud flat waiting for the water to come back.

4 responses to “Friday Fictioneers: Nothing Like It

  1. Funny as a story but not if it happened to you…until maybe days later. Good one, Sharon.


  2. That would be me! 🙂 good one Sharon.

    • Thanks, Gilly! I’m not really a speedboat person, but I can see this happening. (There was the time we managed to upend our “uncapsizable” sailboat – wound up with the top of the mast full of mud from the bottom of Barnegat Bay. Oops.)

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