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Friday Fictioneers on Saturday – After

Another Friday Fictioneers story, inspired by the picture below. Make sure you check out all the other stories based on this picture, over on Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ site!


She stares at the frayed decorations put up for the fiesta, before. The half-full bag in her hand droops.

“Where is she?” An irritated voice.

“I’ll go look. Again.” The woman who comes out of the dark doorway might be older, or just more worried. It’s hard to tell.

“Come and help,” the worried woman snaps.

“I was thinking.”

“Fill that bag while you think.”

The daydreamer sighs. “We’re looters, aren’t we? I mean, this stuff belongs to somebody else. Used to.”

“And they’re gone and I’m hungry.”

“Yes.” She follows the worrier into the abandoned store. “I wonder how long before the city falls down.”