Thursday Tanka, March 13 2014


I pull up weeds and
The next day, they sprout again.
I dust – windowsills
Go back to black….And grass bores
Green through smothering asphalt.

Grass growing through pavement? Yes, I have seen exactly that happen. A gym I went to regularly tried to enlarge their parking lot, but the contractor did a careless job, and just dumped fresh hot asphalt next to the existing pavement without digging up the weeds first. Next week, there were little cracks and holes in the new asphalt. The week after, foot-tall stalks of grass were poking through the pavement. It was hard not to cheer them on.


14 responses to “Thursday Tanka, March 13 2014

  1. That definitely shows persistence, Sharon. On that basis, one of the most persistent things on the planet is mint, which can and does grow anywhere and everywhere.

    Hope you have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend.


    • Oh, yes. Mint. The previous owner of our house planted mint in the back yard – it took years to get rid of it. What’s even worse is English ivy. They planted that too, and I still haven’t cleared out all of it – when I think it’s gone, it pops up in new places.

      Thank you – hope you have a wonderful weekend too. Happy birthday!

  2. Nature really does have it all over us doesn’t she

  3. thanks for sharing. reminds me of a poem i read years ago titled ‘God bless the grass’ by Malvina Reynolds. worth googling 🙂

  4. yes weeds will do that, but the definition of a weed is a plant growing in a place you don’t want it to

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