Warm Wordless Wednesday – March 5, 2014


10 responses to “Warm Wordless Wednesday – March 5, 2014

  1. can i build a house just there it doesn’t have to be a big one just one without a phone 😉

    • 🙂 Only it’s not as quiet as it looks – it’s in the middle of a national park that gets lots and lots of visitors.

      There are places around there that are as quiet as the picture looks, though! And nobody would notice much if you didn’t have a phone, they’d just think you must be Amish. 😉

      • i could even become a Amish, do they let people from outside join?

      • I don’t really know if people can join up – outsiders don’t usually. You’d have to learn a lot of new skills like how to speak Pennsylvania Dutch (a dialect of German, basically) and how to make your gauze prayer bonnet that you have to wear every day and how to hold your dress together with straight pins. (Seriously. I’ve seen Amish women close-up at the zoo and at Niagara Falls, and they’re pinned together. Ouch.) 😉

      • i know their bonnets are not allowed more than so many pleats and the pleats have to be a certain size, why don’t they sew their clothes together what if they came apart?

      • I have no idea why they just use pins! I was amazed when I noticed it the first time, but I’ve seen it again and again, so it must be one of their customs. Maybe it’s meant to force them to move very carefully??? But I don’t understand why that would matter.

        Wild guess that just occurred to me – maybe it’s about thrift. Maybe the idea is that if you gain or lose weight, you can keep wearing the same dress, just pin it looser or tighter.

        I don’t know.

      • according to buttons are a sign of pride so that’s why they use straight pins but they can use hooks and eyes as long as they are not showing. Learn something new every day. But their way of life is so much simpler

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