Another snowy warm wordless Wednesday…


6 responses to “Another snowy warm wordless Wednesday…

  1. I know you wish it looked like this right now. 🙂


    • I sure do! I don’t know if you can even get to this place right now (except by hiking cross country through the woods and up and down the hills) – to reach it in summer, you have to drive down a twisty turny road through the woods that’s so narrow in places that if you meet a car going the other way, one of you has to get completely off the road into the trees. Then you come to a small parking area, pick your way down a rocky slope to a rickety bridge and cross a creek, and finally follow a narrow path to the foot of a little waterfall. This photo shows a stairway made of wobbly slabs of rock that leads to the top of the falls.

      Right now, the path is probably a foot deep in snow (and I wouldn’t even think of going up those steps!) The bridge would be icy, and so would the slope down from the parking area, which is likely to be piled with snow – not to mention the narrow road that wouldn’t have been plowed once this winter.

      And the gates at the ranger station where you enter the park – this is part of a state park – were probably closed and locked months ago, and won’t open before April.

  2. What a lovely place to walk, snow or no snow. I have a friend who is a member of the Welsh Mountain Rescue team and have had to guide (idiots) people off the Welsh mountains as they will insist on going up there unprepared and without the proper gear.

    • There are a lot of people in the world who just don’t think, aren’t there? This park is very beautiful, but also very steep; in a snowy winter, it would be easy to slip and tumble down the hill and wind up – with some sprains or even broken bones – lying in an ice-cold creek.

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