Will This Work, Part 4 – Amazing.

I’m amazed, anyway.

Last fall, mostly out of curiosity and also because I got really tired of the seams in my socks chewing into my toes (handmade socks don’t generally have those seams across the top of your foot), I decided to see if I really could knit a pair of socks.

At first, I wasn’t sure the cuff was big enough to let my entire foot through. (Fortunately, knitting  st  r   e   t   c  h es.)

SockHeelTurnThen I came to the part where the sock needed to make a right-angle turn, because that’s what feet do. The directions made no sense, no matter how many times I read them. Knit a heel flap? What’s that? Turn the heel? Turn it into what? It was all obviously impossible. But I was halfway done, so I might as well just keep going, row by row, doing what the directions told me to…and all of a sudden

RedSockSideViewI had a sock! And a while later, I had a pair of socks. And they’re so very very comfortable that I might just wear them every day if they weren’t the kind of wool you have to handwash and let dry lying flat (which takes a couple of days).

I wanna make some more socks!

9 responses to “Will This Work, Part 4 – Amazing.

  1. So you are hooked. I’ve heard it before – and it seems that you might now be knitting socks forever and a day 😉

  2. Sending you a round of applause and cheer!!!! Well done! You can use standard 4ply to knit socks with so then you wouldn’t have to wait half a week for them to dry. (knits on a UK size 2.75 or 3mm needles)

    • Thank you thank you!

      4ply / worsted is a good idea – I did find some patterns for socks using it. I’m part way through a sock using one of those patterns, and it goes a lot faster. (Only 42 stitches around the leg instead of 66 for the socks in this post. 😉 )

  3. O.o what happens when you need a break?

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