Thursday Haiku of the Snow, February 13 2014

More snow keeps falling
White out of gray sky over
Gray world. Snow, and snow.

(We’ve had a foot of snow* in the past 24 hours, and we’ve been promised another three or four inches by tomorrow morning. And then more on Saturday.)

* For metric people – a foot is a bit less than a third of a meter. Three or four inches? About 7.5 to 10 cm.

7 responses to “Thursday Haiku of the Snow, February 13 2014

  1. New Jersey yes? My brother flew home to Somerset yesterday, he’s enjoyed the comparative warmth here for a week!

    • Very definitely New Jersey, though apparently it could be almost anywhere in the eastern US – my brother-in-law in Georgia (far south, where they go into a tizzy if it snows the least little bit) has been coping with similar weather.

  2. We’ve had none at all so far (embracing my table as I type!) – everything saturated but at least it is mild. Is yours cold snow, or very very very cold snow?

    • This latest bout was only cold snow, and that’s not entirely a good thing. Our earlier storms were very very very cold snow, fluffy and dry. Some of them could be cleared away with a broom, and the deeper snows were light and easy to shovel. Not this one – this was wet and backbreakingly heavy. 😦 (She types while rubbing her sore back.)

      I am very, very, very ready for spring…they’re predicting snow tomorrow.

  3. Just got this for some reason. Hope all is OK. I don’t like snow….

    • Oh, we’re doing all right 🙂 It snowed a few more inches last night, but there’s no snow in the forecast at the moment.

      I liked snow, once. That was when it was something to play in, not something I had to shovel.

      How are you doing with rain and high water?

      • Well, it keeps raining, but we are OK. Others aren’t so good, though. Keeping an eye on a few people. It will soon be spring…….

        I think 😉

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