Travel theme: Yellow

Yes, “yellow” is Ailsa’s travel theme of the week. Here we go –

Here we are in the depths (which aren’t all that deep) of Lincoln Caverns, a small cave in western Pennsylvania. When the lights are turned off, the caves are black. Totally black. But with light, you find that the rocks are largely various shades of yellow. And brown.

YellowButterflyGardenA butterfly garden in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C. This butterfly is only slightly yellow – more nearly cream, really – but those flowers? Now, that’s yellow.

YellowDayliliesEtcAnd yellow doesn’t get much yellower than these daylilies.

15 responses to “Travel theme: Yellow

  1. You cracked it, gorgeous!

  2. Lovely yellow.

    Did you ever decide to do a 5k? If you need encouragement let me know πŸ™‚

    • It’s amazing how many different yellows there are! (Of course, that’s true of any color. But still.)

      As for a 5k – nothing official and organized, but I’ve walked that far. (Run? Not going to happen.) Unfortunately, the weather here is so miserable that I won’t be repeating it for a while. It’s frustrating trying to walk outside when you have to keep your eyes on the ground looking out for patches of ice. And I can’t even use our basement treadmill; it’s too cold down there. (I’ve tried wearing a coat, and it’s still too cold.) I am so very ready for spring.

      Apologies for that weather rant. It snowed (again) Sunday night, and they’re promising us lots more starting tomorrow night and continuing all day Thursday. Snarl.

      • You are having snow, and we are having rain.

        Rain, rain and more rain. The waters are rising dangerously all over the place. You are allowed to rant.

        Well done on the 5k. I won’t be running either. Next time you decide to do one let me know and I’ll join you – you over there and me over here, we can share our sights and sounds in a blog post. What do you think?

      • My newspaper this morning had a little story about your weather – it said this is the wettest year England has seen since 1766! (It wasn’t clear whether they meant “2014 so far” or “February 2013 to February 2014”. Anyway, very very wet. Not that you needed to be told.)

        A long-distance shared 5k is a great idea! Let’s do it. Not this week, though – if the forecast is right, I’ll be too busy shoveling snow (and it sounds as if you’d have to do a 5k swim!)

      • Rain is more than 30% up this month alone! Last year was dry and sunny. Everywhere is expecting more rain. We are safe at the moment – but I’m not sure for how long.

        It’s a date. Just let me know. Feel free to email – you should have it via w/p

  3. yes very yellow! can i ask have you been getting my blog posts. Only asking because my daughter says she hasn’t she’s been getting the old one. I’ve deleted that one now so hoping things will right themselves – please πŸ™‚

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  5. those caves are brilliant…and what a gorgeous butterfly

    • Thanks, Jo! I think I prefer small caves (like this one) – caves are fun to tour, but they do get repetitive after a while. As for the butterfly garden, it was actually fairly small, but so beautiful I couldn’t stop taking pictures πŸ™‚

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