Friday Fictioneers – Prepared

Friday Fictioneers time again. Don’t miss all the other Fictioneers’ stories!


All the kids knew that house was haunted. You’d be safe if you took a magic light inside. Otherwise the ghosts would get you. And if I didn’t go inside, Brian would get me.

So I took all the money I had to the flea market. “Any magic lights?” I asked the woman at the table.

“Magic?” She laughed. “Oh, that old house. You kids still tell that story?”

“It’s a dare,” I mumbled.

“Well, one of them’s magic. But I can’t tell you which one.”

I pulled out my money. “I’ll buy the whole tablefull.”

Now I have the magic light, if I can carry them all. Hope the story’s true.

8 responses to “Friday Fictioneers – Prepared

  1. I hope the story is true too! Good story! Thanks 🙂 Nan

  2. I think some fairy godmother magic is needed to deal with Brian!

  3. Dear Sharon,

    Methinks you could subtitle your story “Gullible.” 😉 I could see this scene being played out in one of those kids “coming of age” type movies. Nicely done.

    Nice to see you here. Been missing you.



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