Friday Fictioneers: Little Houses

Friday Fictioneers time again!

(And don’t miss your chance to read all the other Fictioneer stories.)

bjc3b6rn-19Little Houses

Lilly is playing beside the mountain with the little houses. The mountain is as tall as Lilly. Her brother Brad is bigger.

“Silly Lilly. Messing with the mud.” Brad kicks at the mountain.

“Stop it! You’re gonna hurt the little people.”

“There’s no little people, Silly Lilly.”

“Is too. See their houses?”

“There’s no houses. Just sticks and stones.” Brad kicks again.

“Stop it!” Lilly hits Brad.

“Mom! Lilly hit me!”

“He started it!”

“Oh, stop it, you two. Lilly, you’re a mess. Go put clean clothes on. Brad, get your stuff for soccer practice.”

Mom pulls them into the house. Lilly waves bye-bye. Nobody else sees the little people bustle out of their houses to make repairs. Nobody else sees them wave to her.

20 responses to “Friday Fictioneers: Little Houses

  1. Great idea – good story! I love it – how clever you are! Thanks, Nan

  2. I love Lilly,long may she see the little people!

  3. Dear Sharon,

    Believable dialogue that makes this story almost believable. 😉 Sounds like the makings of a Disney classic. .Well done.



  4. Did you purposely name her Lily in a nod to the Lilliputians of Gulliver’s Travels?

  5. The wonder of giants – or is it us, I feel a little sadness of growing up, loosing the ability to see the little things .. Lilly reminds me of Lucy in the Narnia stories.

    • Interesting question – who is normal size, or normal anything? And now that you mention it, I can see the resemblance to Lucy, at least in noticing things that bigger, older people miss.

  6. Such an adorable tale-loved it:-)

  7. The Borrowers also came to mind. Do they repair shoes, too, or clean? If so, I have a deal for them and wonderful accommodations.


    • Just based on what we can see in the photo, I’d say that they farm (maybe they’d be available for weeding or light pruning), and do any kind of necessary chores that turn up around the house, and also some slightly ramshackle building. I’m sure you could come to an agreement with them, maybe in exchange for recyclables to fix or build things around their homes.

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