Quote of the day…

…from this evening’s weather report: “You know it’s a cold day when even the Canada geese look cold.” *

Illustrated by someone’s photo of half a dozen geese with their feathers fluffed so much they looked like balls, and with those long necks pulled down somehow to make them look like their heads grew directly out of their shoulders. They did look cold.

* Cecily Tynan, Channel 6, Philadelphia

6 responses to “Quote of the day…

  1. We have some directionally challenged geese that are still here in the going-to-be-frigid-yet-again weather. Another reason “bird brain” isn’t a compliment, although as one wag recently put it, “Maybe they’re Canadian geese and to them it is the south.” ๐Ÿ™‚ How much snow do you have? PAFA hasn’t had school for three days.


    • We had thirteen inches by the time it stopped early Wednesday – I’d say most of it is still out there. It’s been too cold for very much to melt. (They did reopen the schools today…I think the schools opened normally on Tuesday, before the snow started, but most or all of them closed around noon. By that evening, even the shopping malls were closed. Wednesday, almost everything was shut down.

      How much did you get?

  2. every morning i wake up i think ‘did it’ but when i open the curtains ‘it didn’t’ – snow that is.

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