One of the reasons I don’t like winter

It started to snow here about quarter of ten this morning. By lunchtime, the front steps and the walk were covered with an inch or two of fluffy snow, so I went out with a broom and thoroughly cleaned everything off.

The snow kept falling.

About forty-five minutes later, I took another look outside. There was no sign that anyone had cleared the steps since the house was built over fifty years ago. The snow kept falling.

Right now, it’s ten o’clock at night. It’s been snowing for nearly twelve hours. It’s not expected to stop till dawn. There’s a large lump of snow in the driveway that probably has my car underneath, and there’s a slope down from my front porch that just might be covering some steps. Various levels of local government are begging or advising or ordering people to stay off the roads so the snowplows can work, and really nobody with any sense would want to go out tonight unless they absolutely had to.

And the snow keeps falling.

10 responses to “One of the reasons I don’t like winter

  1. And I get to go back to the cold and snow from temps in the upper 70’s. :-). Be safe.


    • You poor thing! It’s almost worse to get used to being comfortable and then go back to being frozen.

      On second thought, no it isn’t. Warm is good. Have a safe trip home. And stay warm and dry, as much as you can.

      • It’s been wonderful and I’m fine with going back, even with the cold and snow. Snow has it’s own beauty. But I’ve greatly enjoyed the warmth and spending time with my parents.

  2. Oh no, I hope it doesn’t hang around too long Sharon – nasty, pretty white stuff!

    • It is lovely and magical…but such a nuisance. Rescheduling everything, waiting to find out what’s open or closed and who does or doesn’t need to show up for work, and then there’s just spending an hour or so moving snow off sidewalks and steps and cars. Enough is enough.

  3. That doesn’t sound good. It’s very odd that we don’t have any and i am getting worried that it may appear in June ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Just think what unique pictures you could take if it does! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Maybe you’ll have the kind of winter we had last year and the year before – only a dusting of snow once or twice.

  4. Sounds like I might have to send the dogs over to dig you out! Stay warm!

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