Travel theme – Winter

This week’s travel theme? Well, as of this week, it’s officially winter – even though in my part of the world, winter weather started weeks ago, and since yesterday (also known as The First Day Of Winter Arrrgghh), it’s felt pretty much like spring outside.

But when you’re traveling, what “winter” means can change quickly. Here’s a photo from last December 27 –

WinterChristmasWeek2012SouthCentralPennsylvaniaEarly winter, south central Pennsylvania

And a second picture, taken the following day in Williamsburg, Virginia, only a couple of hundred miles (or about 370 kilometers, if you think in metric) further south and nearer the ocean.

WinterChristmasWeek2012WilliamsburgVirginiaA miserably cold rainy day – but not a trace of snow

8 responses to “Travel theme – Winter

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  2. It’s a bit like the second photo here, with no snow in sight, not that i am complaining – I am not! Merry Christmas xx

  3. We have very heavy sideways rain and wind today, it’s grim! Have a lovely Christmas x

  4. At present we seem to be able to have any sort of weather at all on consecutive days … But it is England of course 🙂

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