Weekly Writing Challenge: Five days of haiku

Haiku number 5, for this week’s WordPress Writing Challenge. The goal is to write five between Monday, November 25, and Friday.

Since this is Thanksgiving week here in the U.S., I’m probably going to focus on things to be thankful for – after a fashion.

Sometimes, the roof falls.
Sometimes, the bridge breaks. Those days
Thankfulness comes hard.

8 responses to “Weekly Writing Challenge: Five days of haiku

  1. Sharon, I hope neither of these thing happened to you and that you had many reason to be thankful. I did my last three haiku today and I’m wondering if there will be a photo challenge this week. Have a fabulous Friday! We’re going to the Christmas market today.


    • Well…it wasn’t a good week. Week and a half. My mother went into the hospital Thanksgiving evening and died the following Sunday. It was merciful in a way – if she had recovered, she would have needed to go into a nursing home, and being independent in her own house was desperately important to her. I can be thankful that she was spared that.

      Thank you for your kind thoughts, Janet. I hope your Thanksgiving was excellent.

      • Sharon, I’m so sorry to read this but as you say, it’s a blessing that she went quickly and went home where she’s now well and happy. My m-i-l was the same way about her independence and went very quickly as well. She just decided she was ready to go. Praying for comfort for you and your family, though.

        Our Thanksgiving was quite nice and we had a good time in Philly. Moving rapidly into Christmas now and the requisite snow to set the mood. Not as much snow as you evidently have, though, or least as the Philadelphia area got this weekend. The football game yesterday had an amazing amount of snow. Would have thought it was in Green Bay. 🙂

      • Thank you, Janet.

        Yes, we definitely have a winter wonderland right now – eight inches (instead of the coating they predicted) on Sunday, and right now it’s coming down heavily again. We’ll see how much there is when it finally stops.

      • Also – that football game looked like it was being played by polar bears!

        I’m glad your Philly trip was fun – and yes, it’s definitely time to get organized for Christmas. Enjoy.

  2. Hope it’s all plain sailing for you honey!

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