Festival of Leaves: Week 7

Back after missing a week, and how the world has changed!

When I first discovered Festival of Leaves, it still looked almost like summer around here. That was then.

LeavesMaple20131112The last maple leaf of fall, hiding against its background of pine needles.

LeavesYellow20131112Some nice yellows…

LeavesRed20131112…and some bright reds.

LeavesWillowOak20131112The willow oak that was so determined to stay green? It’s showing a lot of yellow now.

LeavesSnow20131112Even so, there are still some green leaves to see. And some snow. Yes, that’s what the white streaks across the tree trunk are. 😦 It didn’t amount to anything, but it’s ominous.


10 responses to “Festival of Leaves: Week 7

  1. We had snow yesterday, too. All gone now but it looked beautiful.


  2. There’s already snow and still so many beautiful leaves. Great pictures, thanks so much for taking part!!! xoxo

  3. we have lots of orange and yellow and bare branches but thankfully no snow yet

  4. If its snow then the last leaves will soon be down, roll on spring 🙂

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