Weekly photo challenge: Habit

(This week, the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge asks us to share our everyday life.)

I’ve been told that magic unicorns exist.

I’ve been told that if I blow out all the candles on my birthday cake in one breath, my wishes will come true.

I’ve been told that there are people who start their days bright eyed, enthusiastic and alert.

Coffeecup1Personally, I find that it takes a while to ease into being fully conscious. I don’t plummet into my day with a cannonball dive and squeals of delight. I sneak up on it with nice black coffee.

Some days, I even manage to fill the cup without dripping any on the counter.

Coffeecup2Drinking that first cup isn’t an experience to rush into either. When you aren’t very alert, it’s much too easy to burn your tongue. But at last the level approaches the bottom of the cup, my eyes focus, and I can start to imagine staying vertical for the next sixteen or seventeen or eighteen hours. It’s just a habit.

(By the way – this pair of photos really was a bit of a challenge. My point-and-shoot camera is too good at taking care of things for me; I had to try several times to get a nicely blurred picture of my refilled coffee cup. Yes, the first picture is staged – oh, the shame 😦 )

8 responses to “Weekly photo challenge: Habit

  1. Right idea, Sharon, wrong beverage. 🙂


  2. You wouldn’t like me in the mornings, I’m annoyingly bright!

  3. don’t drink coffee or tea at anytime if i can help it – takes me a while to wake up 🙂

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