Daily Archives: October 18, 2013

Friday Fictioneers: Mystery

Friday! Time for another hundred-word bout of Fictioneering. Check out the other stories linked at Our Fearless Leader Rochelle Wisoff-Field’s web site – and let me know what you think of mine, okay?


It wasn’t picturesque, but it was weird. And none of the tour guides would explain. There had to be some reason for all the shopping carts just offshore, all around the island, and he was going to find out. One night after dark, he strode down to the gardens next to the beach and settled himself behind a bush.

The moon rose, glowing across the waves. They came with it, calling back and forth to each other in a liquid language he didn’t recognize, pushing the carts toward the supermarket with flips of their muscular tails.

Mermaids with the munchies.