Daily Archives: October 7, 2013

Will this work, part 2…

Knitting. Gotta love it. Either that, or throw out the yarn and needles. About a month ago, I decided to see if it really is possible to knit socks. (I know, I know. The world is full of pairs of socks; obviously there must be some way to knit them.) But right away, I ran into a problem – the cuff looked too small to ever pull onto my foot and around my heel and up my leg.

SockTopViewThere didn’t seem to be enough sock at that stage for a realistic test, so I kept knitting. Around and around and around, spiraling down my theoretical leg, until I finished the first part of the pattern (lacy little diamonds).

SockToesThat looked long enough to give it a real workout getting past my heel. I’ve been dividing the knitting between three needles and knitting with a fourth, but I spread it over all four to provide more flex (and a bigger safety margin so the stitches didn’t fall off the ends of the needles) while I pulled the sample on.

SockHeelAnd…it worked! Up my foot, stretch-stretch-stretch around my heel, and onto my calf. Yay!

SockLegOf course, this is the easy part. I’ve finished knitting the rest of the leg; no problem, just keep spiraling. Exactly like a sleeve or a hat or a pullover sweater, except that socks are smaller. Now, though – now the sock has to make a right-angle turn. Human feet are a weird shape, when you stop to think about it.

I won’t pretend the directions for the next stage make sense when I read them. Heel flap, turn, gusset – gibberish, if I try to picture how it’s all supposed to work. At this point, I’m just planning to knit along row after row, obeying the pattern, and find out what happens.

Wish me luck.