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Friday Fictioneers: How to Be Birdbrained

Friday Fictioneers. You know you want to try it, so visit Rochelle Wisoff-Field’s site, read the rules, pick up a copy of this week’s photo, and share your creativity with the world.

Meanwhile, let me know what you think of my story…

seagulls-wicklundHow to Be Birdbrained

We all have talents for something or other. What’s mine? I’m very good at flying off in the wrong direction. Consider this week’s Friday Fictioneers. I took one look at the first photo in Rochelle’s post, assumed it was the prompt without bothering to read anything, and spent several days writing a story about a wedding.

Sometimes I’m a very silly gull.

I didn’t realize my mistake until I was ready to post my story and went back to collect the photo prompt. Then I spent another day mentally flapping and squawking. Now, at last, I’m ready to wing it.