Shapeless Saturday NonSonnet


I heard their noise tonight. Too soon, too soon.
Their grating chirp belongs to fall, and I’m
Just ready to stretch out, luxuriate
In soft fruit spilling juice, warm days,
And evenings still day-bright at nine o’clock.
I glare at seven o’clock’s half-faded sky.
How can it look like this in June? Because,
My mind pipes up, this is September now.

Long days, fresh peaches – those sweet treasures lie
The other side of winter. Wait it out.
(My mind is such a pest. I hate it when
She knows her stuff.) You sound like crickets, Mind.
Shut up, don’t give advice, just let me sulk.
(She won’t, of course.)

8 responses to “Shapeless Saturday NonSonnet

  1. I only know that a sonnet is 14 lines and whether or not I like – I do very much!

  2. “I glare at seven o’clock’s half-faded sky”…I do, too, Sharon! Winter would be much nicer if it were light longer.


    • Warmer, too, I think! 😉 (Doesn’t it get cold because we’re getting less energy from the sun during those short days?) But somehow those long dark hours make the change hard to overlook.

  3. as i live in the city we don’t have crickets, but i have noticed the earlier fading daylight its a pity we can’t push it back.

  4. I’m in my element to nice cool nights of fall. Good bye to those hot lazy days. Hello cold cozy nights.

    • Fall’s bearable – but I really don’t like winter. Winter means (some years) heavy snow, and worse yet freezing rain. Which is beautiful to look out at on days when you don’t have to go anywhere, and otherwise horrible.

      Also I love ripe local peaches. The best thing about August. Then again, they’d be the best thing about any month when they ripened. 🙂

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