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Friday Fictioneers: Down the Shore

Friday Fictioneers strikes again! Curious about what that means? Just follow the link, read the guidelines, look at the picture, and contribute your own itty-bitty hundred word story. This time, the photo prompt makes me think of a boardwalk shop at the New Jersey Shore…after this past year’s troubles.

the_second_hand_shop-1Down the Shore

There’s not much left of the old place. Storm, winter, fire…not much left. He can still see it so plain, though. Goblets, paintings – frame and all! – pretty dresses for the next pretty girl.

The store was his life. He knows they’re all wondering if he can outlast it. True, he feels a little off balance. But one good thing about getting old, you find out you can’t live in the past. The past is dead, and if you try to stay there too long, you’ll be the same.

He turns away, heads for the car. “You all right, Grandpop?” Joey asks.

“Me? Sure thing.”