Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

This week, WordPress is asking for “inside” photos – and you can’t get much farther inside than a cave…

InsideLincolnCaverns1A couple of months ago, we visited Lincoln Caverns in western Pennsylvania.

InsideLincolnCaverns2There are unlikely sights inside the solid-looking earth under our feet.

13 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

  1. I love caves like this, the kind big enough to walk in and not feel squished!! šŸ™‚


    • It was fun, and there are a number of rooms plenty big enough for eight or ten people. šŸ™‚ There is one narrow passage that can be a challenge – I walked through without worrying about banging my head, but not everyone has the advantage of shortness! (My husband hit his head, but he’s over six feet tall.)

  2. Lincoln caverns are so similar to caves in Virginia. nice clicks


  3. I only live about a half hour from there. Used to drive by every day when I worked up that way. It’s a pretty nice place. They do a haunted cave and a haunted trail through the surrounding woods for Halloween. There isn’t a ton inside the cave in the way of “haunted” because they don’t want to mess the place up, but it’s still pretty interesting.

    • Maybe it’s haunted by visitors from back in the days when you had to run across the road to get to the cave entrance! They’re much less scary to visit now that you don’t have to cross traffic.

  4. I love caves, I think they reach something primal don’t they?

  5. I enjoyed this. I’ve never been to a cave. Not to be stupid but what is the yellowish stuff?

    • It’s all limestone, I believe – the color varies depending on what other minerals were mixed into it. (Mixed in naturally, not by humans. Cave formations develop so very very slowly, over hundreds and thousands of years, that people would get bored and go do something else long before we could deliberately change how they grow.)

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