Daily Archives: September 14, 2013

Travel themes: Multicolored

It’s one of those “go wild” weeks in travel themes 😀 – Ailsa is asking for multicolored photos. My kind of request!

ColorfulBadlandsAug03The Badlands in South Dakota. I’ve seen white sand before. I’ve seen yellow sand. But pink sand, delicately separating white and yellow? That’s what made this picture worth taking.

ColorfulWmsbgFlowers1Then there was this garden in Williamsburg, Virginia – I think the basic idea was “Let’s see how many different shapes and colors we can squeeze into the smallest possible area!” It worked, too.

ColorfulGettysburgHouseGettysburg, Pennsylvania. Famous for battles, not so famous for wild color schemes. But there this house sits, right on a main street, showing off the brightest paint available.

ColorfulTubOYarnAnd this is kind of cheating…I only traveled as far as my basement to open The Stash Tub, stand on tiptoes, and click away. Maybe I should claim this one’s a souvenir of my trip to the Erewhon Islands, where all the sheep grow rainbow colored wool?