Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual POV

Let’s see what I can find for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge topic – “an unusual point of view.” Ah yes…the Isle of Capri.

POVContextAug04Capri2Now this first photo – this is not an unusual point of view; it’s only here to set the scene. Ignore the people. Never mind the buildings. Don’t look at the flowers. Just notice the cliffs in the background. They’re pretty high, aren’t they?

POVAug04Capri3Here’s my real Weekly Photo Challenge contribution. I took this shot from the top of those cliffs, leaning over the edge and looking straight down, down, down at the water. So very blue.

16 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual POV

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  2. Great shots, you were very brave for the second one

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  5. Looking down in places like is something I can’t resist either but then when I see photos like yours it’s far scarier!

  6. The boats looked like toys! 🙂

  7. crazy woman 🙂

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