Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

This week, the WordPress Photo Challenge wants to know how the sea makes us feel. The truth is, the sea makes me uneasy. I don’t trust it; it’s stronger than I am, and you can’t reason with it.

StormyAegeanOffSantorini2Even more-or-less-inland seas can be dangerous – this is the Aegean Sea (yes, it really is that amazing blue) on a blustery day. The captain decided it was too risky to stop at Santorini, the rocky island not far from the boat that you can just barely see. This is as close as we came – we were told that the waves were washing well over the docks, so even if we had made it into the harbor safely, we couldn’t disembark anyhow.


4 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

  1. A pity you didn’t get to land there but I’m sure the ride was cool!

  2. I find the sea both restful and fascinating because it is impassible to the highest degree – it really doesn’t care – which is combined with unpredictability and monstrous power. Volcanoes and polar regions share those attributes, but they are geographically limited – whereas the sea goes all round the world, and yet is right on my doorstep.

    • It does have that quality of being always changing yet patternless that makes fire and clouds so hypnotic – and, as you say, it’s always monstrously powerful. We can control fire, if we’re careful – but all we can do with the sea is respect it and take our chances.

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