Travel theme: (Permanent) Play

This week’s Travel Theme? Play! Don’t miss Ailsa’s photos – she covers pretty much every possible interpretation.

PlayAug03ChicagoStatueHere’s mine – we saw this statue at a lakefront park in Chicago. Was it really ten years ago??

12 responses to “Travel theme: (Permanent) Play

  1. Chicago. I’ll be there Saturday…or at least in the ‘burbs. Moving day is coming much too quickly (Friday.)


    • A short answer then, since you’re over-your-head busy. Have a reasonably uneventful move, and don’t forget that last check for things you left behind 😉 Hope Chicago feels like home quickly!

  2. What a vibrant sculpture!

  3. Is it just me that finds it a little creepy?

  4. Perhaps I’ve read too many stories of creatures/people being turned into stone/trees!

    • There’s that, and I think I worry that the little girl in the bluish skirt is shouting “Hey! Slow down! Don’t pull me over backwards!” – but I think it’s more the turned-to-stone issue.

    • And then the idea of being stuck in childhood – there’s the black cradle in ‘The Stone Cage’ which sings ‘Never grow up … never grow up … never grow up …’ (Nicholas Stuart Gray). Does something tell you I like my fairy stories ambiguous and sinister?

      • Come to think of it, when I was little I loved the original Winnie the Pooh stories – except for the finish (which, now that I’m an adult, I’m sure Milne considered charmingly sentimental). The very last sentence ends “somewhere, a boy and his bear will always be playing.” And at six or seven, I took it literally, and that horrified me. Poor Christopher Robin! He would never be allowed to be a grown-up!

  5. Such a beautiful sculpture to have in a park, its so cheerful

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