A Floral Puzzle

OrangeDayliliesPeople are perfectly willing to grow ordinary orange daylilies which can fend for themselves happily as wildflowers.

So why doesn’t anybody grow Queen Anne’s Lace?

20130807QueenAnnesLaceIt’s hardy (at least in my part of the world); to put it another way, you just can’t seem to kill it. And it’s pretty. Seriously, why isn’t it a popular garden flower? Does anybody out there know?


8 responses to “A Floral Puzzle

  1. I often let a few carrots blossom. Queen Anne’s Lace doesn’t grow here, but I make due with carrot flowers reminding me of them.

    I wonder if people don’t grow them because of the cockle burrs they make?

    • Well, maybe…on the other hand there are lots of flowers that are kind of unsightly if you let them go to seed, and people grow them anyway. I’ll keep that explanation in mind, anyhow! 🙂

  2. I love them just as they are but imagine if someone developed a purple variety!

  3. Well – wild by name … I tried three times to grow campion in my front garden, as it is in many of the hedgerows round here, and it just wouldn’t. When I gave up, it silently planted itself at the side of the grass in the back garden. I mow around and pretend I can’t see it in case it changes its mind.

  4. Can’t help, I’m afraid, but they certainly are pretty.

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