Semi Silent Sunday, Belatedly

Thunderheads20130728(Because by the time we got home yesterday from our short vacation, we were in the heart of the storm these thunderheads promised. Eight inches of rain. In one day. Plus plenty of lightning, so I left my computer safely powered off till this morning.)

8 responses to “Semi Silent Sunday, Belatedly

  1. Yikes!! Although the forecast said 10% chance of rain today, it’s looking a bit too much like that 10% may come to pass. Fortunately, I got the outdoor work done before lunch. On to the indoor cleaning!


    • It was – let’s just say impressive. And this morning’s news says it all fell between roughly 4 and 7 p.m.! (Though right here, it started pouring again around 9 o’clock, so maybe we had even more than the official amount – eight inches is what fell at the Philadelphia airport.)

  2. Schöne Bilder ein lieber Gruß von mir.Gislinde

  3. Yikes indeed. And eek. Glad you got home ok!

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