Travel theme – Tilted

Ailsa has some wonderful photos this week of things that are askew and off-balance and tilted. I don’t have nearly as much to contribute to this week’s theme, but here’s a photo I took almost exactly four years ago on a visit to Washington D.C.

TiltedWhatIsIt_DC2009Back then, this piece was on display near one of the many sections of the Smithsonian. It’s a huge version of something that used to be very common, but nobody uses them any more. Do you recognize it?

9 responses to “Travel theme – Tilted

  1. Fascinating and I have no idea?

  2. i wouldn’t have a clue

  3. An eraser, I think.


    • And the winner is…Janet!

      Yes, it’s a typewriter eraser – you scrubbed away at the paper with the rubber “wheel”, and used the brush end to scatter the debris so you could retype whatever should have been there šŸ˜‰ .

      I like word processors.

  4. never seen one looking like that but then i never learnt to type either šŸ™‚

    • I think your youth is showing šŸ™‚ (And anyway, not learning to type would protect you from needing to bother with one of these things!)

      Also, it doesn’t look exactly normal. If this was a real one, it must have had a long hard life – the brush (the blue part) shouldn’t be such a mess, all the bristles should be nice and straight and nicely lined up with each other.

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