What is so rare…

OWhatIsSoRareAsADayInJune20130612…as a yesterday in June?
Then, if ever, come perfect days…

(“If ever”? Clearly Lowell was a bit cynical about the weather – but yesterday really was a lovely day, not too hot, not too cold, with a light breeze and a glorious deep blue sky and a handful of white clouds and rich green everywhere.)

6 responses to “What is so rare…

  1. Started out badly here–rainy and chilly– but ended up quite nice. Went out with my s-i-l for happy hour. It was great. Haven’t been anywhere for ages.


  2. The heavenly month – but yesterday was windy, grey and cool 😦

    • Here too*, – also rainy, though not as torrential as the weather forecast had threatened. (Are your weather forecasters notorious for making every storm sound like the end of the world? Ours are.)

      * That is, today’s yesterday – let’s see, I took the photo on a glorious Wednesday, posted it on a gray Thursday, and now it’s Friday.

  3. Its warm here but a little wet, just a little though 🙂

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